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información sobre la conducta

  1. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.  Profanity, graffiti, disturbance of the class, distraction of others, disturbance of other students' belongings or the teacher's desk and materials will not be tolerated.  Respectful behavior is the guiding principle of this class.
  2. Be prepared for class each day with a writing tool, textbook, notebook, folder and assigned work.
  3. Permission to leave class to go to the lav, locker, telephone, bubbler, etc. will be at the discretion of the teacher.  Please make any such requests at the beginning of the class period or reserve them for when the lesson has been completed.  The clipboard pass must be used when you leave the room.  It must be filled out completely BEFORE you leave the room.  You may only use the pass if you are granted permission first.
  4. You may ask to go to the nurse if you feel ill.  Students with special health concerns should make me aware of this immediately.
  5. Tardiness--detention will be assigned for 1:30 p.m. in room 323 as per the guidelines in the Student Handbook.  You are expected to report for detention without being reminded.
  6. Class cuts--When it is determined that you have cut a class, no work for the day missed can be made up.
  7. You are responsible for the condition of your desk and books.  Books are to be checked for problems at the beginning of the academic year, and any problems should be brought to my attention immediately.  Books should be kept covered at all times.
  8. No food, drinks,  hats or backpacks are allowed in the classroom.
  9. Remain in your seat until dismissal.
  10. All guidelines in the Student Handbook will be followed.


and respectful

behavior are

the guiding

principles of

this class.

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