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español 5H

Text:  Encuentros Maravillosos

My QUIA page-go here for games I have created for the vocabulary and structures we are studying!
Schoolnotes page- check here for assignments and information about tests, quizzes



Arriba-Comunicación y Cultura

Spanish newspapers
Multiple cultural and fun links


Taller Hispano
Materiales Units

Actividades de Vocabulario

BBC Challenges
BBC Facts
BBC Phrases
BBC Links
BBC Travel--Spain

Civilización Española

Quarter 1 project
La Casa de Mis Sueños
Quarter 2 project
Participation in listserv
Quarter 3 project
VOY: La Juventud Opina
Publication of writing
Quarter 4 project

The primary focus of this class is the development of the four language skills -speaking, listening, reading & writing --for students to be able to use the language in authentic situations.

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